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Little Hearts of Hope | Community Heart

Updated: Mar 17

Community goes beyond just streets and buildings; it's about the people who give it its heartbeat. We firmly believe that our community's greatness stems from its diverse and remarkable people. Through this project, we aim to showcase the essence of our community through its members and their stories.

We are thrilled to introduce you to Little Hearts of Hope; I hope you enjoy our interview with them as much as we did.


Little Hearts of Hope exists to help spread the hope that we have in Jesus to families fighting cancer, as well as teaching healthy coping skills to children who are watching a loved one fight this disease. We do this through our Hope Package program. These kids often get left behind as the focus is on the sick person. If it is a parent with cancer, the other parent must take on the household load as well as become a caregiver. If it is a sibling fighting cancer, one parent will be working to maintain insurance benefits as well as taking on the household load while the other parent is with the sick child at doctor appointments and hospitalizations. The “healthy” kids in the household are often shuffled around from family members to neighbors to friends. They frequently have to give up their extracurricular activities and can’t participate in many social activities due to their loved one’s lowered immune system. It can be so confusing and difficult to navigate all of these challenges when cancer enters a home. Our Hope Package program focuses on teaching emotional intelligence and addressing the most common feelings a child will feel when this happens by teaching creative expression through play and art as healthy coping skills. We also share what the Word of God says about our emotions so that we can filter our feelings through truth, all while honoring our God-given emotions. There are 13 packages in all, and each child receives their own package.

Q: What inspired you to initiate your non-profit within this community, and how has it evolved?

After losing my husband to cancer with three young children at home, I knew that I wanted to help other families going through what I went through. There are not many resources available for kids who are watching a parent or sibling fight cancer or for parents to know how to help those kids. I created Little Hearts of Hope to help this very underserved and growing population.

Q: What is something interesting that most people don’t know about you?

As a New Orleans native with a love for baking and a self-proclaimed king cake snob, I opened my own cottage bakery three years ago. I am also The King Cake Lady of Frisco!

Q: How long have you lived or worked in our community?

I have been here since 2005. I am one of those transplants from Hurricane Katrina that never left because I loved it so much. I opened Little Hearts of Hope in 2014; we will celebrate 10 years this summer!

Q: What advice would you offer to someone aspiring to initiate change within their own community based on your own experiences and observations?

I would first seek to get involved with a non-profit that is already serving the particular group or issue you want to work with. If none exist, then connect with other non-profit founders to seek advice on getting started.

Q: What are a couple of your favorite restaurants in our community?

The Aussie Grind holds a special place in my heart, and they have amazing coffee. I also really love Edoko Sushi, The Heritage Table, and Platia Greek Kouzina. Listen to Kerri share more of her story on our YouTube channel,


We hope you enjoyed learning more about Little Hearts of Hope! If you feel inclined, you can support this organization by sharing this article, liking their social channels, and getting involved with them—whatever fits in your life.

All the Best,

Angela & Rick Holt

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